The Willis farm, located in the SW part of Warren County, is primarily used for the production of hay and pasture. In addition, five large gardens produce a variety of garden vegetables sold at farmers’ markets in Indianola and Norwalk. Those vegetables are also made into salsa, relishes, jams & jellies. One portion of the gardens is the commercial production of zinnias which are sold to florists. Check out the 108 year old barn that was recently restored and open for tour visitors. On the north side of their home, is the site of the 1870’s Mt. Tabor Methodist Church which was disbanded in the 1960’s. Hand-cut limestone blocks from the site now line the flower gardens in the farm. Mary’s greenhouse will be open for viewing.​

Mary & Bill Willis
22558 73rd Ave
New Virginia, IA 50210
641-449- 1505

Willis Farm